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One strategy meeting per month
Weekly coaching and follow-up of goals
Leadership development
Proactive and reactive stress management
Methods, tools and templates
Availability by phone and e-mail
EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360 and Extended DISC (on request)


One strategy meeting per month
Weekly coaching of team and individuals + follow-up of goals
Education regarding leadership, employeeship,
communication, cooperation,
proactive and reactive stress management
Methods, tools and templates
Available by phone and e-mail
EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360 and Extended DISC (on request)


What do you or your team and organisation want to reach? Which are your values?

I help you to understand and design your
dreams, visions, goals and your values.


What stops you from reaching your dream?
Which resources do you have?
What experience do you need?

I give you courage to dare.



How do you reach your dream?
What do you need to do?

I help you to make a plan and inspire you to do the things you need to do.
I follow up and help you to learn from your experiences.

I want to know more - contact me!

International certified coach (ICI) - 30 year as a leader - 11 year as an entrepreneur - high school engineer
Since 2022 university studies: Pedagogy, Psychology, Communikation/Leadership/Health and AI.
COACHING of individuals and teams
LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - individual coaching, trainings and seminars according to your needs.
ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT - programs, workshops, sustainability coaching
BALANCE IN LIFE - proactive and reactive stress management for individuals and teams.
Certified in EQ-i 2.0, EQ360, Extended DISC and Balansa.

700 + 40 + 300
Individuals + teams + coach clients handled as leader and coach

Balansa is the competence to balance work with private life.
Sara Kremsl cooperate with Balansa AB as a certified supervisor and coach.

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Sara Kremsl has a cooperation with Orjala & Partners regarding advanced leadership and coaching trainings. 

Sara is certified coach for individuals and teams according to International Coaching Institute (ICI) and is also certified to use the behavior profile Extended DISC by the internationally very well known master coach Patric Orjala who is one of the most experienced coaches in Sweden.

"I have as coach trainer had the privilege to follow Sara's development in the role as coach in 1.5 years. Sara really have the genuine desire to contribute to the development of others. By having a full focus to develop and challenge herself in the role as coach, she has now extensive coach competences that definitely creates a meaningful difference in the lives of the people she coaches."
Patric Orjala, International Master Coachtrainer at Orjala & Partners AB 

"Sara has the ability to coach in a deep respectful manner so that one does not feel coached, though one becomes. It became like a conversation where Sara took care of the thoughts. Through the scheme she created and the questions she asked the goals that I had had difficulty getting an eye on were crystallized for me.

Now I have also achieved the goals through the continued coaching. Thank you Sara! You're great!"

Johanna von Kraemer-Elmqvist, principal at Kungs Saga college, has Sara as coach

"I have come to know Sara as a coach for a few months and want to give her my warmest recommendations.

Sara is the girl who, with her energy and her coaching attitude, can make anyone develop and see opportunities.
The coaching is tailored to the needs of each individual. Sara is a person you feel confident and who keeps what she promises.

Do you need a coach to sort out your ideas and thoughts - contact Sara."

Mirja Johansson, store manager and florist at Blomstertorget, has had Sara as coach


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