Trainings/seminars from 30 minutes to several days and months, according to your needs.

New as manager
Meaningful leadership - develop your management skills
Sustainability leadership
Coaching leadership
To lead in change
How do I get everyone to work towards a common goal?

Operational development

A program is created according to your needs.

Dream Dare Do!

Seminar from 30 minutes to a day, according to your needs.

How to understand your dream goal and how you reach it!

Stress management

Trainings/seminars regarding both pro-active and re-active stress management. From 30 minutes to several days, according to your needs.

Cooperation with Orjala

I am partner to Patric Orjala who is a highly experienced leadership coach and one of Sweden's most experienced international coach and master trainer. I conduct trainings regarding leadership, coaching and communication under the direction of Orjala. For more information click here.

Cooperation with Balansa

I am a certified process leader for Balansa which is a research based structured and pro-active method for organizations to enable balance between work and private life. We offer workshops and long term programs. More information - click here.

Sustainability - how to contribute to UN´s global goals

Trainings/seminars from 30 minutes to several days according to your needs.

I have a cooperation with Monika Engman, author of the book "Goda affärer - vägen till en hållbar verksamhet" (Good business - the road to a sustainable business). We offer training and coaching regarding sustainable leadership and how to develop a sustainable business.