I do what I LOVE -
develop humans, leadership and organizations! 

In addition to helping your staff and your business to increase
profitability, efficiency & job
satisfaction I also help you to work sustainably and contribute to the United Nations`globals goals. 

Keep On Developing is run by Sara Kremsl, internationally certified coach with over 24 years of experience as a leader of which 15 years as head of various industries and 5 years in business management.

Committed inspirer with the vision that as many people as possible will enjoy life and hence his/her employment and balance. This is possible with a good leadership of yourself and others. I want to motivate to contrubute to a better and more sustainable world and I do that by engaging in the organization A Sustainable Tomorrow.

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Coaching of individuals & teams 

New role? New as a leader? Stressed? How to get the team to work towards common goals? Sustainability - what´s that? Need a change? What do you want? What does the team want?

The coach Sara Kremsl supports the development of you and your team. By asking the right questions, the coach helps you to understand what you want and need. We will together work with your vision, mission, values, goals, strategies, plans and to follow-up your change.

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Training in meaningful and sustainable leadership and
business development

It is important to have a common goal, plan and idea on how to reach the goal and that all these parts have a value for all people inolved. I conduct trainings and seminars in meaningful and sustainable leadership & business development, change management & stress management.

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